Barack Obama’s St. Patrick’s Day 2019 Post Is A Fond Remembrance Of A Visit To Ireland – Elite Daily

On Sunday, March 17, former President Obama took to Instagram to ring in St. Patrick’s Day with a throwback photo from the Emerald Isle and a dad joke. Barack Obama’s St. Patrick’s Day 2019 post remembers his 2011 trip to Ireland, and it’s so heartwarming.

Back in 2011, the former POTUS rediscovered his Irish roots when he visited Moneygall, a small town in Ireland which was the home of his great-great-great grandfather on his mother’s side, Falmouth Kearney. Moneygall has embraced the ties and even erected a service station called the Barack Obama Plaza as a tribute to the president’s Irish heritage.

On March 17, the former president was feeling nostalgic as he took to Instagram to reminisce on visiting his ancestral home almost eight years ago.

Alongside a throwback photo from his trip, Obama wrote, “This was back in 2011, when I was visiting the tiny town of Moneygall, the place where my great-great-great grandfather, a shoemaker named Falmouth Kearney, lived his early life.”

He continued, “I marveled as I walked around on the same old floorboards that he did, then I had the privilege to address the people of Ireland on College Green. For me, this photo pretty much sums up their joyful spirit; a warmth and generosity that stay with me to this day.”

President Obama couldn’t help concluding his post with a dad joke, writing, “Happy St. Patrick’s Day—on this day, it’ll always be O’Bama.”

He also shared the photo on Twitter, signing off “Barack O’Bama.”

Obama’s ties to the small Irish town through his maternal relative first came to light when he was running for president in 2007. Back in 1850, a then 19-year-old Falmouth Kearney left Moneygall and the devastation of the Irish Potato Famine for America.

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