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It’s Valentine’s Day. Roses, greetings cards, the cold-dead hands of American consumerism, fancy dinners and chocolate hearts are abundant.

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, Valentine’s Day is a holiday that will put most anyone in the feels. So if you’re single, hanging out with your friends, or going steady, the editors at the Iowa State Daily have come together to make playlists to suit any mood. 

Click here for our couples playlist, and click here for our singles playlist.

Alex Connor — Editor in Chief


“Picture to Burn” — Taylor Swift

As the biggest Taylor Swift fan in the office, I can confidently recommend that “Picture to Burn” is a perfect song to listen to while single on Valentine’s Day because it’ll get you fired up and energized about all the exes that did you wrong and get you to be the best possible version of your Valentine’s Day self.


“Can’t Help Falling in Love” — Elvis Presley

I don’t know, it’s in the name.

Devyn Leeson — Managing Editor of Print Content


“Lovely” — Billie Eilish and Khalid

Kinda sad, kinda empowering, pretty good.


“There For You” — Eves Karydas

Enjoyable song with good vibes.

K. Rambo — Managing Editor of Digital Content


“Everybody Plays the Fool” — The Main Ingredient

It can be helpful to remember that heartbreak is nearly universal, or it can make spending Valentine’s Day alone even worse. Maybe you’ll find a sense of solidarity in the mass misery of your fellow social primates … ? Rest assured that we all actually live alone and die alone. But, this song will pump the breaks on that existential despair and provide a pretty sweet groove.


“Everybody Plays the Fool” — The Main Ingredient

This isn’t a mistake. I am using the same song for both lists. I’ll spare the lovebirds the statistics on how long most college relationships last, but I will say, “good luck.”

Love is fleeting, life is short. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Morgan Johnson — Copy Chief


“break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored” — Ariana Grande

Um first off, Ari is the queen of queens and her newest album features the perfect upbeat jams to listen to with your gals on Valentine’s Day or better yet GALENTINE’s DAY. (p.s. don’t wreck any homes this Valentine’s Day.)

“Sweet but Psycho” — Ava Max

OK, ladies let’s be real, if you haven’t gotten a little crazy over your significant other then you are lying to yourself. This song is upbeat and the video is a straight mood for you to pregame to before you hit the bars with your best pals. Only if you’re 21+ of course.


“Speechless” — Dan & Shay

I love the sweet lyrics and melodic tone of this song. It’s perfectly perfect to listen to while you’re having a romantic night in with your significant other or on your way to your Valentine’s destination.

Annelise Wells — Academics Editor


“Cheatercheaterbestfriendeater” — nevershoutnever

This song makes me think of middle school me, dark eyeliner smudged beneath my eyes, angrily singing about a non-existent boyfriend who cheated on me. The song has catchy lyrics with snappy jabs at those people who really just did you dirty and makes you think how much better you are without them. Honestly, isn’t that the true spirit of Valentine’s day?


“Sweet Creature” — Harry Styles

Harry Styles has never let me down and this song is no exception. “Sweet Creature” is the perfect song to get you in a lovey, sappy mood about your significant other for Valentine’s Day. Styles sings about how two is better than one, and no matter where you go, true love will always call you back home to them.

Alexis Myszka — News Editor of Student Life


“You Sexy Thing” — Hot chocolate

This song is fun and upbeat while also having some hidden innuendo to set the mood.


“Worst in Me” — Unlike Pluto

This song is angry and a little depressed, but also exposes how being in a relationship isn’t always a good thing, sometimes it brings out the worst in us.

Caitlin Yamada — News Editor of Diversity


“Without You” — Avicii ft. Sandro Cavazza

Move on and say “f*ck I’m going out without you. I’m going to tear this city down without you” That’s what I’m doing. lol.


“Sweater Weather” — The Neighborhood

The song speaks for itself.

Emily Berch — News Editor of Politics and Administration


“Solo” — Oh Wonder

It seems like a lot of people think being single on Valentine’s Day is something to be sad or angry about, but sometimes it really is the best, healthiest thing. You can learn more about yourself and what you want without worrying about not meeting someone else’s expectations — “freedom in the mono.”


“The Way” — Ariana Grande and Mac Miller

Honestly, this song is a classic, and it’s just what I’ve been feeling lately.

Alexander Gray — Limelight Editor


“Hyper Music” — Muse

Sometimes you just have to get mad, and Muse has got you covered with one of their angriest tracks to date. With a chorus like “You know that I don’t want you and I never did,” this one’s pretty self-explanatory.

“Gonna Leave You” — Queens of the Stone Age

I’m pretty sure this song is just a metaphor for kicking a heroin addiction, but when it comes to a bad relationship, sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference.


“Works Every Time” — Mini Mansions

Mimicking sappy love ballads of the 80s, “Works Every Time” is about that person who completely changes your world, taking you to a place in life you’ve never been before.

Kennedy DeRaedt — Co-Visuals Editor


“Juicy” — The Notorious B.I.G.

You might be sad about being single, but all your worries will be set aside when you hear Biggie say, “It’s all good baby, baby.” Play this jam before you go on another Tinder date and you will feel confident and ready to slay the night.


“Romantic – NOTD Remix” — Stanaj, NOTD

This song is perfect to listen to with your boo. You will be so hyped about your relationship after hearing these sick beats. The title of the song says it all.

Katlyn Campbell — Co-Visuals Editor


“F*ck You” — Lily Allen

F*ck you: to the Tinder boys that ghost you. F*ck you: to the Tinder boys that assume things about your personality. F*ck you: to the boys that send pictures that you didn’t ask for. Listen to this after a breakup or when someone unmatches you on Tinder even though he wanted to go to New York with you for New Year’s Eve.


“It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You)” — The 1975

Dance to this with your luvah on a Friday night in. Y’all are the cutest couple out there. OWN IT.

Whitney Mason — Voices Editor


“While We’re Young” — Jhene Aiko

Okay, so fans of Jhene and myself were pretty excited when she dropped her a single summer of 2017 from her upcoming second album, “Trips.”

From the soothing instrumentals to the awesome music video based off of the movie “50 First Dates,” Jhene says it her best in an interview following the release of the song,”While We’re Young” is my ideal love situation. It’s also the feeling of a new love, when you’re kind of naïve and first falling in love with someone and super optimistic about everything.” It’s forever my love song, thanks Jhene!


“Sorry Not Sorry” — Demi Lovato

Cause you remember that someone that broke your heart and how it left you devastated? Well this song serves the purpose of making you feel confident and having a little fun giving a tease of what that person is missing out on.

But if there’s anything you should take from this song: love yourself and enjoy your life.

Chris Jorgensen — Digital Editor


“Brazilian Flower” — Jean-Jacques Perrey



“Brazilian Flower” — Jean-Jacques Perrey


Noah Rohlfing — Assistant Sport Editor


“Hard Feelings/Loveless” — Lorde


For real though, this is a fun song to dance to, yell to and to get that ex off your mind. Eff ‘em, you deserve better.


“I Couldn’t Be More In Love” — The 1975

The song’s title says it all. Everything about this track screams “romantic 80s movie” in the best possible way.

Melanie De Anda — Opinion Editor


“Miss You” — Gabrielle Aplin

This song is perfect for couples who have managed to get through the all the downs and have come back stronger through it all.


“Love can be…” — Vince Staples

“Love can be a lot so maybe not.” What’s a better song for people who love and enjoy their single life with no regrets?

Aaron Marner — Sports Editor


“I Knew You Were Trouble” — our Lord and Savior Taylor Swift

It’s a bop and it’s by the greatest artist of this century. ‘Nuff said.

“Shake it Off” — our Lord and Savior Taylor Swift

Read above

“Happy Pills” — Weathers

Not by the GOAT but still a solid song


I refuse to partake in providing songs for couples because relationships are a social construct (similar to the concept of time, in a lot of ways) and also because there are a lot of songs about love anyway and I don’t want to pick between the many options. Also Taylor Swift’s best songs typically do not portray love in a positive light and as a result I will not contradict my Lord and Savior.