Lady Gaga Stood Up To Cardi B’s Grammy Trolls In The Sweetest Way – Revelist

In case you missed it, the annual Grammy Awards, the biggest night of the year for music, happened last weekend. Cardi B shocked audiences everywhere when she won the award for Best Rap Album (FYI, she’s one of the only women in history to win in the rap category). Despite her thankful, tearful, and humble acceptance speech, internet users insisted that the award should’ve gone to someone else.

Most of the uproar about the award was surrounding the late Mac Miller, whom fans felt deserved the award for his posthumous album, Swimming. Even Ariana Grande, who canceled her appearance at the show due to creative disputes with the producers, tweeted (then deleted) some rather dubious comments the second Cardi’s win was revealed on live television.

Internet trolls swarmed Cardi B’s social media accounts to chastise her for winning the award to the point that the rapper felt she needed to delete her Instagram account entirely just to get away from all the hate. Just before she deleted her account, though, she gave her followers one final rant about how much she deserved the award.

Lady Gaga, on the other hand, witnessed all this hate surrounding Cardi and decided she needed to say something about it. What followed was one of nicest things the star’s ever done.