I wish I had someone special as my Valentine: Kartik Aaryan – Hindustan Times

Clearly, life isn’t the same at all for him, after 2018’s runaway hit, Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety. A year later, Kartik Aaryan has become the talk of the B-Town, thanks to multiple film projects, big fan following and constant link-ups with Sara Ali Khan and Ananya Panday. On Valentine’s Day, we caught up with the actor about his take on love, link-ups and more.

If we go by news items, you seem to be a very romantic guy. Your take?

Main waise bhi dil se bahut romantic hoon (laughs). I have always been die-hard romantic films’ fans. I think if I’m in a relationship, I’d be the romantic types, who would do things that will make the other person smile.

You are constantly in news vis-à-vis Sara and Ananya. What’s happening?

What do I say about this? Yeh sab apne aap hi chal raha hai (laughs). What I know for sure is that I am absolutely single. I wish I had someone special as my Valentine. It would have been great but that’s not the case. So, now, it’s just me and a Valentine’s Day.

But you must like all the attention…

You know, in interviews, when I am asked [about the link-ups], I either feel very shy or stammer as I don’t know how to react. It’s a tricky situation. If I don’t react, they will say I am not answering. And if I do, I may be called someone who has attitude or that I am over-smart. Isliye main atak jaata hoon. But I love my female as well as male fans’ attention but again, I don’t know how to react to it. Par main ander se bohot khush hoon. And I hope it keeps going on.

Do you want to be in a relationship?

I would love to be in a relationship but only when I have that perfect balance in my mind. I’m really focused on my work right now, which demands a lot of time and so does a relationship. Once in a relationship, I don’t want to feel guilty about not being able to devote a particular amount of time, or give prime importance to the other person. I am sure it’s something that will happen with time.

Would you hide your relationship or be open about it?

If I am in love, I won’t shout from rooftops but I am not someone who would hide it also. I would go out with her for dinners and movies without worrying about the media but I wouldn’t talk about it as then it goes on to a different level, which I have seen happening with other actors. The only thing I would care about is talking about it as it’s not fair to the other person. But I am a guy, who would – on a full moon light – book a yacht, arrange for a personalised food menu as per her liking, along with a violin player and have a candle light dinner. Bas woh, saumndar aur main (laughs).

You are a big fan of Shah Rukh Khan and Akshay Kumar. Whose style would you follow to impress a girl when it comes to proposing her?

It has to be Shah Rukh sir! Romance matlab SRK sir (smiles). I’d do it my own style but like Shah Rukh sir, it will be larger than life. Compared to SRK sir, Akshay sir ka style thoda difficult ho jaayega (laughs). In that case, even if I am not able to do it properly, at least, she would be like, ‘superstar ke jaisa try kiya.’ In Akshay sir’s style, I’d have to jump off a helicopter or swim across a sea. Woh thoda tough ho jaayega (laughs).

First Published: Feb 14, 2019 14:01 IST