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Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds announce summer tour dates

Sharon Latham / Noel Gallagher’s High Flying BirdsCopyright: Sharon Latham / Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

Noel and his chums busy recording new material in London and Los Angeles and will now be playing a short run of all-seated shows in Britain before heading to the Far East on tour in May.

It’s a chance for fans to catch Noel’s 11-piece line-up in more intimate surroundings where new material, currently being recorded, is likely to get an airing.

They’ll perform in Edinburgh, Llandudno, Hull and, for the first time ever for Noel, The London Palladium.

Tom Walker’s coming up in the Live Lounge

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The bearded singer-songwriter is the latest of this year’s hopefuls for the breakthrough Brit who is popping past Radio 1 for a Live Lounge.

Idles have already been in this week.

Tune into Radio 1 at midday to catch the whole thing and find out what “one of my all time favourites” is.

Ryan Adams accused of sexual misconduct by several women

New York Times

Getty ImagesCopyright: Getty Images

Several women have accused the singer of emotional and verbal abuse and of offering career opportunities as a pretext for sex.

A New York Times report outlines a pattern of manipulative behaviour, including accusations of psychological abuse from his ex-wife, Mandy Moore.

Ryan has denied the allegations.

“But the picture that this article paints is upsettingly inaccurate. Some of its details are misrepresented; some are exaggerated; some are outright false. I would never have inappropriate interactions with someone I thought was underage. Period.”

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Jessie Ware shares first new music of 2019

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The singer-songwriter has released Adore You in time for V Day (we mean Valentine’s).

The slow-burning disco number was co-written and produced by Joe Mount from Metronomy and mixed by Simian Mobile Disco’s James Ford.

“I’ve wanted to work with Joe for such a long time,” said Jessie, “and this is the first thing we did in the studio together.

“It feels fitting to put this out when I’m about to become a new mum again and feel the most confident I’ve ever felt about my music,” she added.

“Happy Valentines, I adore you all.”

The feeling is mutual Jess.

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The Guardian

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Jason Williamson, the vocalist of electronic punks Sleaford Mods has come out swinging in an online Q&A for The Guardian.

When asked by one person about why he was not a fan of the Bristolian rock band, he accused them of “appropriating” a “working class voice”.

“I quite liked Brutalism when it came out. It wasn’t my kind of music but I liked some of it – it was catchy. And they were nice lads, polite online and stuff,” he said.

“But I thought they were kind of a street band, there were lines like ‘Tarquin’ that would insinuate that they were knocking the middle classes, but it turns out they’re not working class.

Quote Message: That offended me, because I then held the belief that they were appropriating, to a certain degree, a working class voice.

Idles are nominated for a Brit award this year in the breakthrough category and their second album Joy As An Act of Resistance was named by 6 Music as the best album of 2018.

It has been lauded for tackling social issues like racism, unemployment, toxic masculinity, immigration and mental health.

“Music can’t solve political problems,” said Williamson. “And I think their take on it is cliched, patronising, insulting and mediocre.

“And that’s why I have a problem with them.”

Read more and check out some Idles from the Radio 1 Live Lounge earlier this week.

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Billboard magazine

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The Canadian superstar has parted company with her longtime agents after failing to pay commission, according to a report in Billboard.

The 50-year-old has been represented by ICM Partners for 30 years.

According to a memo seen by the magazine, ICM will no longer be working with her and is to take legal action against her.

The row centres on a $500m (£390m), multi-year touring and performing deal which she signed in 2017.

According to ICM, the singer “is refusing to pay the balance of commissions she owes the agency on this historic deal.”

“While we continue to admire and respect her extraordinary talent as an artist,” the memo continues, “regrettably we are left with no choice but to initiate a legal proceeding to secure the compensation we are owed, and as such we will no longer be representing her.”

Celine Dion is yet to comment.

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