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Arsenal went with a back three against Huddersfield and, while it didn’t win anyone over, Sead Kolasinac may continue to do just that.

One of the more exciting things about Unai Emery and his short time thus far at Arsenal is that he continues to take chances. Arsene Wenger could go a whole season or two before he’d even consider altering his formation in the smallest bit.

The 4-2-3-1 was Wenger’s way, no matter what injuries hit the club, or what players became available. It was always, always the 4-2-3-1.

Unai Emery doesn’t have a set formation. In fact, he has used eight different formations this year, not just prompted by injuries or acquisitions either, but by the simple need to figure out what works best.

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I used to be all about a three at the back formation, but it’s gradually soured on me. It doesn’t seem like the best way to consistent attacking prowess. There is too much coordination required, and not enough pay-off.

Same with the attack. Too much to ask of too little.

Unless you want to talk about Sead Kolasinac, who remains the only possible reason why you’d want to stick with a back three. Because Kolasinac alone can power a team’s attack.

We saw, against Huddersfield, what we have seen against so many other teams when Kolasinac is used as a weingback. He takes the attack all the to the goal line and doesn’t panic at any step in the process. Unlike his flank mate, Alex Iwobi, who wets his pants whenever he gets too close.

Kolasinac is someone you make concessions for solely because he brings you something that you desperately need – chances, danger in the opposing goal area. Give him the spot at wingback and you can be sure that he will prove to be a constant nuisance in the attack. No other player in any other formation has been able to give us that. Only Sead Kolasinac as a wingback.

So yeah, maybe the back three isn’t the most stable formation, or the most secure. But it certainly gives us something we can’t find anywhere else, and that alone makes it worth it’s spot in the conversation for the best formation of the future.

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Who’d have ever thought that Kolasinac could be the more reliable source of chances than Mesut Ozil. But hey, now that we know, no point in playing around with it, right?

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