PM Modi slams Congress over 1984 riots, its inability to keep Kartarpur Sahib in Indian territory – Times of India

PMNarendra Modion Sunday hit out at Congress for the1984 riotsand also lamented thatKartarpur Sahibwas left in Pakistan during partition.
“The central government is making efforts to get justice for the period of injustice which started in 1984. For decades, mothers, sisters, daughters and sons have shed tears, the law will deliver justice, wipe (their) tears,” the PM said . On the occassion of the 350th birth anniversary celebrations of 10th Sikh guru,Guru Gobind Singh, Modi attacked Congress for its inability to get Kartarpur Sahib included in India at the time of partition.
“A mistake took place in August 1947. It (the corridor) is an atonement of the mistake. An important place of our guru was only a few kilometres away. But it could not be made part (of India during partition)… the corridor is an effort to reduce the damage,” he said .

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