Christina Aguilera touched fans with reference to demi Lovato – The Siver Week

Кристина Агилера растрогала фанатов обращением к Деми Ловато

In late summer of this year, the famous brunette went for treatment in rehab. It became known that demi Lovato is suffering from drug addiction. Now, however, the pop singer continues to struggle with harmful addictions. So the star of the scene started in the gym and have a passion for Japanese martial arts. However, fans never cease to hope for a speedy return American women to the stage. In addition, not only the fans support the famous singer. After all, today a colleague asked the legendary Christina Aguilera, which Lovato was in close friendly relations.So the singer of the hit “Genie in a Bottle” commented on the last photo that demi has published on his page in social network Instagram. “I really missed you. Soon, we will continue to light. I love you so much!” — said the famous blonde. By the way, according to while temperamental brunette ready to comment on his rehabilitation and future creative plans. But we know that the popular American had an affair with a promising designer, with whom he regularly goes on dates at the best places of Los Angeles.Additionally, the star gained a few extra pounds, and is now trying to regain its original shape due to intensive training. By the way, demi Lovato have carefully hidden addiction, so the news about addiction to illegal substances became a surprise even for the closest friends of the American. It is noteworthy that the parents of the singer’s celebrated 90 days of sobriety daughters, and actively support the heiress. In addition, the family brunette notes the positive transformation of the performer.Storinka