Rupert Grint has admitted that he wanted to quit “Harry Potter” – The Koz Times

Руперт Гринт признался, что хотел уйти из «Гарри Поттера»

30-year-old actor Rupert Grint became famous after the role of Ron Weasley in the movie Harry Potter. He began shooting at age 11, and together with Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson starred in eight films about the wizard world. In ten years of filming Grint earned tens of millions of dollars and gained worldwide fame. But Rupert doesn’t just want to leave the project. He told the British newspaper The Guardian.The actor admitted that prior to her acting career were satisfied with their life: “Until June 2000, all was well: I went to public school, my parents were normal, life was normal. We were five children in the family, and I was very happy with the way things go. And when I got the role of Ron Weasley, I immediately quit school. From that moment everything went wrong.”In the first part of “Harry Potter” Rupert liked to play Ron. Then he was a fan of the books by JK Rowling. In addition, the actor was attracted by the opportunity to hide his natural shyness behind the role of Weasley.When filming the third film, “Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban”, Grint began to feel discomfort due to the increased liability: “It was so exciting. We were so popular! Press and carpet weighed heavily on me more and more. I just get lost in all of this. Shooting the “Harry Potter” has cost me many sacrifices. I was so young and worked so hard! I remember once during a break between takes, I sat and thought to leave the Playground. I thought it’s not for me and requires too much effort. I think I was just acting like a normal teenager.”Rupert said that he was harassed by journalists. They wanted to find a sensation. For example, to write about what the actors of the “Harry Potter” at such a young age, use drugs or suffer from alcoholism, writes shooting of the project ended in 2011. Grint recalls itself at this time as a lost young man: “I didn’t understand what was happening. It seemed to me that Ron and I are the same person, that the line between our personalities simply do not. I don’t want to compare it to the prison, but it is what it was like out of jail after a decade of imprisonment”.Grint admitted that does not regret that did not repeat his acting success after “Harry Potter”. He likes to play in movies and theater, watching the progress of Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe. Rupert considers his work less successful than the films of his former colleagues. After “Harry Potter” Grint starred in such major projects as “In the white captivity”, “moonlight affair” and “a Dangerous illusion”. Now the actor is working on the show “snatch,” in which he played the main role.