Kim Kardashian, Of All People, Helped Kathy Griffin Stay Sane Through Her Trump Photo Ordeal – Vulture

Kathy Griffin went to hell and back following her decision to pose in a photo with a bloody, severed head of Donald Trump last spring, and the extent of her 9 Circles of Hell went a lot deeper, more inferno-y, than we previously imagined. As she recalled to Stephen Colbert for the first time on The Late Show, Griffin’s two-month federal investigation had her facing a charge of “conspiracy to assassinate the president of the United States”; she was put on a no-fly list for a few months; she was included on an Interpol list that made her “detained at every single airport” when she was allowed to fly again; and she estimates losing 75 percent of her friends. “A lot of people thought, you know, I got a call from the Secret Service or got in fake Hollywood trouble. But, no, this is real-life trouble,” Griffin explained. “That’s where your tax dollars went, everybody, investigating Kathy Griffin.”

However, Griffin revealed there was a funny silver lining in all this: Being neighbors with political strategist Kim Kardashian in Los Angeles, which boosted her spirits in unsuspecting ways when she would go days and days without leaving her home. “As a comedian, to be living next door to Kim and Kanye during this whole thing got me through,” Griffin said. “That alone got me through. Something normal in my life, people I could relate to. I would open the window and see Kim and the Yeezys, and feel better, so American.” Hey, there’s a canto-worthy allegory in there somewhere.