Emma Watson shocked fans of the surreal photo shoot – The Siver Week

Эмма Уотсон шокировала фанатов сюрреалистической фотосессией

Terrible pictures of frightened fans and was incomprehensible to many.On his page on Instagram Hollywood star presented surrealistically pictures from the photo shoot that caused quite a mixed reaction from fans. Only publish four photos that conjure up images from horror movies.This is the work of photographer Francesca Woodmen of the USA which, most likely, just like the actress. But due to the fact that most of the photos can not see the face, some fans have suggested that the model could be herself Emma Watson. All the photographs present a phantasmagoric interior with mirrors and Windows as well as Nude or semi-Nude women. In the first picture the girl stands fully Nude on a background of cracked walls and covering the face and feet pieces of old Wallpaper. On the second hanging in the doorway in a pose of crucifixion. On the third photo shows a model crawling out of the corner and look in the mirror. The fourth work is a portrait of a girl with a dish, covering the chest.Subscribers actress shocked: “What happened to You? Is everything okay?“, “What is this nonsense?“, “Scary“, “Where Are You?“. Perhaps this reaction arose from the fact that Emma did not sign the post, leaving only a link to the profile of the photographer.Эмма Уотсон шокировала фанатов сюрреалистической фотосессиейVladtime