Ed Sheeran and Beyonce have pleased the audience with their live performance – The Siver Week

Эд Ширан и Бейонсе порадовали публику совместным выступлением

27-year-old British musician is one of the most highly paid performers of Albion. While the red-haired singer prefers to spend multimillion-dollar fees in the appearance, and to invest in real estate and a collection of rare wines. However, the last gig ed Sheeran did not leave indifferent not a single fan. After all, the star of the scene performed their new music track titled “Perfect Duet” at the annual festival “Global Citizen Festival: Mandela 100”, which these days takes place in Johannesburg, South Africa.Writes storinka.com.ua British musician did not bother on the outfit, so wearing a classic dark-blue jeans, white longsleeve and black t-shirt with an original print. It is worth noting that the company red-haired performer was the American pop diva beyoncé. The popular brunette did not change the corporate identity, so wearing a luxurious floor-length dress with an asymmetrical hem in a rich hue of fuchsia. By the way, the famous pop diva has complemented the outfit with a voluminous hairstyle, and wings of the elements of the corrugated fabric.It should be noted that pictures from the concert instantly became a new Internet meme. Many fans said that 37-year-old brunette wore an overly frilly outfit. However, not without criticism of the British. After all, the fans Beyonce found the ed Sheeran way too boring and ordinary. However, similar clothing style, the musician prefers not only during live performances but also for daily outlets. However, the musician did not wear a tuxedo even on the awarding of “Grammy”. Recall, then, the British had violated the dress code, shining in the everyday plaid shirt.Storinka