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Rupert Grint : quand ses fans découvrent qu'il est en couple... depuis 7 ans ❤
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Rupert Grint in a relationship with actress Georgia Groome since… 7 years ago
If the love life of the stars is often exposed in the media, some celebrities manage to keep this matter secret… a bit like Rupert Grint. Also, did you know that the interpreter of Ron Weasley in Harry Potter was in a relationship with the british actress Georgia Groome since 7 years ? This news has surprised more than one.
Rupert Grint in love Georgia Groome since 2011
While Daniel Radcliffe is in a relationship with Erin Darke since five years and Emma Watson with a business man american by the name of Brendan Wallace (if we are to believe the latest rumors), Rupert Grint, him, is no longer a heart to take.
His love life remained a great mystery until someone realizes, at the end of November, it in reality in a relationship for 7 years, since 2011. Yes, yes 7 years you have read. Who is the lucky lady ? This is Georgia Groome, lead actress of the film The Diary of Georgia Nicolson (Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging) in English. Rupert Grint and his girlfriend, have always managed to keep their relationship a secret : they are very rarely shown together on the social networks.Users surprisedIf some users were apparently aware of a couple of the Harry Potter star and Georgia Groome, aged 26 years, others were quite surprised to find out that the interpreter of Ron Weasley, is not single : “I’ve only just discovered that Rupert Grint comes out with Georgia Groome for years, my heart has never been broken“, “WTF, I just learned that Rupert Grint is in a relationship with Georgia Groome since 2011“, “who knew ? I am shocked“, “OH MY GOD“, “shocked“, one can read on Twitter. And you, you know ?