A tissue! Taylor Swift’s throwaway moment at Auckland concert

1 NEWSDespite less-than-ideal conditions, Taylor Swift performed to a packed audience in Auckland on Friday night.

During the downpour that plagued the Mt Smart Stadium outdoor show, the 28-year-old paused to clear her nasal passages.

During the downpour that plagued her Auckland show, Taylor Swift paused to clear her nasal passages.
ALDEN WILLIAMS/STUFFDuring the downpour that plagued her Auckland show, Taylor Swift paused to clear her nasal passages.

“This isn’t our first rain show,” Swift apparently told her fans while pulling out a tissue. “So, I’m not saying that I’m getting colds because we’re constantly playing in the rain, but I’m NOT not saying that I’m always getting colds because we’re playing in the rain. But it’s worth it because it’s so fun, right?”

Doing what every parent tells their young child, Swift put plenty of gusto into using a tissue, but, seemingly unsure where to dispose of it, she appeared to toss it offstage towards the front row.

“I’m so sorry about this. Oh my god, I’m so sorry,” she yelled.

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Hollywood Life, one of a number of US website to breathlessly report the incident, indicated it wasn’t the first time Swift has had to deal with a cold on her current tour. They said she had to discreetly dash offstage during her performance in Cleveland, Ohio in July to deal with a similar nasal emergency. Rain also caused a problem at Swift’s recent concert in Sydney when she had to rip off her fake eyelashes because they were playing havoc with her vision.

Fans seemed unconcerned by her move, with some even wishing it had been them who had grabbed this unusual piece of pop memorabilia. Others suggested it might not have been aimed into the crowd at all – with security grabbing the offending tissue thanks to a well-judged Swift throw.

Meanwhile, Swift has thanked her Kiwi fans for braving the weather.

“Another rain show on the Reputation Stadium Tour! Auckland, you were amazing tonight. Thanks for weathering the storm with us,” Swift posted.

During the show, she received a large cheer for saying that she was “excited to play in what some would say is questionable weather circumstances, but I think a rain show is one of the most exquisite, rare and wonderful occurrences, don’t you Auckland?”