Woolsey fire evacuation MAP: Where is Kim Kardashian’s house? Thousands forced to FLEE

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is amongst the thousands who have had to evacuate due to the Woolsey fire.The blaze broke out in the Hill Canyon area on Thursday and spread rapidly, scorching some 8,000 acres and is 0 percent contained. The fire is believed to have started as a brush fire in the are of Rocketdyne, south of the City of Simi Valley.

Kim Kardashian, 38, said she had just arrived back to her Hidden Hills property to find her neighbourhood was under threat from the wildfire.

Kim filmed the flames from her private jet, only realising on landing the flames were part of the Woolsey Fire burning near her and husband Kanye West‘s compound.

Sharing the aerial video she had filmed earlier on her Instagram Stories, Kim said she was evacuating and asked them to “pray for Calabasas.”

“Just landed back home and had 1 hour to pack up & evacuate our home. I pray everyone is safe,” she wrote.

Kim thanked the first responders for keeping the community safe before recording the firetrucks and police cars driving down her neighbourhood’s streets.

“They’re evacuating everyone right now from all of our homes,” she said in the video as she watched on from her car.

The widespread fire also hit surrounding areas including Kim’s sister Kourtney’s neighbourhood.

Kourtney has also chosen to evacuate.

Kourtney posted a picture on Instagram of her car packed up, with the caption: “I pray that everyone is kept safe and protected from these fires. No Calabasas tonight.”

On Thursday night, the City of Calabasas tweeted that the Woolsey Fire — which was sweeping through the area earlier in the day — had “grown to over 2,000 acres with 0 percent containment.”

As of Friday morning, the mandatory evacuation area had been increased.

The following emergency evacuation information has been released by Ventura County for the Woolsey Fire: