Shane Dawson wants his next docuseries to be about Justin Bieber

Oh my lord YES!
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Shane Dawson may be physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted from his Jake Paul docuseries, but he’s ready to start all over again!

So who does he have his sights set on this time? None other than the one and only Justin freaking Bieber.

Shane has admitted that a possibly docuseries with Justin is something that “my heart is super invested in.”

“I’d really love to talk to you about a project I’d love to do with you,” Shane tweeted the singer yesterday. “I know you probably won’t see this, but if you do and have a sec, let me know.”

Justin has yet to respond to Shane’s proposition, but we’re sure with all the attention his past series have gotten, he will definitely notice it.

But Justin isn’t the only one who Shane is interested in.

Earlier this month, he suggested he would work with JoJo Siwa or Danielle ‘Bhad Babie’ Bregoli.