One Oahu reggae band will perform at Bruno’s last two shows in Hawaii

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This weekend’s sold out Bruno Mars shows will be slightly different from Thursday’s. 

This weekend’s sold out Bruno Mars shows will be slightly different from Thursday’s. Mars invited two reggae bands to perform. One of them from Oahu. 

Their hits flood Hawaii’s airwaves and have even garnered international success. For Award winning group The Green, no stage will compare to the one they’ll be sharing with local boy Bruno Mars. 

This is the second time Mars invited the band to play at his concerts in Hawaii. The band says it’s certainly opened doors for them in the industry. 

The Green’s guitarist slash singer, JP Kennedy has known Mars since high school. He says the multi platinum powerhouse still follows and supports Hawaii’s musicians. 

“He’s this world star but he’s also like still the boy from Hawaii that’s repping it as hard as he can. Of course some of the music video, some of the other stuff, you’ll see more of the mainstream but you talk to the guy and get to know him and he’s the same… Not forgetting where you come from and taking care of your family and being there for them is a huge thing for the people of Hawaii, he’s just showing that. I think it’s a good chance for him to kind of person he really is,” JP Kennedy said. 

JP Kennedy added the group has been preparing for weeks. The best way to prepare for a show like that? Hang out at Helena’s Hawaiian Food for a couple of nights. 

By the look of crowds that packed the stadium Thursday night, The Green is determined to deliver.  

“We’re stoked to be a part of the Bruno shows and can’t wait for Saturday to come so we can do this!” JP Kennedy said. 

Reggae band, The Common Kings, based out of California will also take the stage. Both bands say they’re extremely grateful to be part of Mars’s Homecoming Tour.