KBC 10 Highlights November 9, 2018: Amitabh Bachchan offers his support to Rajendra Singh’s cause

In the latest episode ofKBC 10, Alima Khatun continued her game as the roll-over contestant. She used ‘ask the expert’ lifeline to win Rs 3,20,000.
After answering the next question correctly, Alima again got stuck and chose to quit. She took home Rs 6,40,000. Since it was Karam Veer special episode, Dr Rajendra Singh was given a chance to be on the hot seat. He is also known as the waterman of India.
He shared how he has been working towards water conservation all these years, and also spoke about the awareness programs he conducts. He has an NGO called Bharat Sangh which he formed in 1975. He toldBig Bthat if we don’t save water now, then in the coming years it could be a possible reason for World War.
Rajendra Singh played a great game and won Rs 3,20,000 without using any lifeline. Eventually he won Rs 25 lakh in the game and used three lifelines at one go for the same. Before ending the episode, Rajendra also gave tips on how to save water. Big B was so impressed with his work that he offered to support his cause, in which ever way needed.