Despite falling over and crying, Ariana Grande smashes her performance of ‘thank u, next.

Watch it on Ellen!!
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Ariana Grande has had one helluva year. 

From nearly getting married to Pete Davidson, and losing a former boyfriend to a drug overdose, she has decided to put all that energy into a song celebrating her relationships.

That’s right, we’ve all heard her new track “thank u, next,”  and now we have a live performance on Ellen!!!

Her live vocals are absolutely incredible, as is her choreographed dance routine.

But, the best part had to be when she stumbles and nearly falls off. Classic Ari laughs it off and continues to slay her performance.

Interestingly, while singing the part about her father – whom she has fallen out with – she starts to sob!

If you’re wondering who her father is, and what the hell even happened to him, you can read all about that here.

Slay Ari!